SolarEdge StorEdge Three-Phase Inverter SE5K-RWS – SE10K-RWS

Three-phase hybrid inverter for solutions with 48V batteries

Your Benefits

  • Simple installation: one single unit manages both PV production and battery storage;
  • More energy using DC-coupled solution architecture that store PV power directly into the battery withour any AC conversion loss;
  • Allows connection of low voltage batteries from multiple battery vendors (es. BYD, LG Chem) for greater system flexibility;
  • Quick and easy inverter commissioning directly from a smartphone using the SolarEdge SetApp.

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Product Information

Manufacturer information

The Israeli company SolarEdge has acquired international fame with innovative module-level power electronics. The StorEdge™ DC-coupled storage solution allows homeowners to use self-generated solar energy regardless of generation time and maximizing self-consumption. A common interface for photovoltaic systems and battery management is used together with the standard SolarEdge converter and a meter. A key feature lies in the fact that every existing SolarEdge PV inverter produced after 2013 can be easily integrated into the StorEdge™ system.

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