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Financial robustness and global operations form the foundation of our success.

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Setting standards – today and tomorrow

Across solar, wind and bioenergy, at BayWa r.e. we r.e. think energy – how it is produced, how it can be stored and how it can be best used.

We are a leading global renewable energy developer, service supplier, distributor and energy solutions provider.

Globally, BayWa r.e. has brought over 3 GW of energy online, while managing over 8.3 GW of assets. Working with businesses worldwide, we are reducing carbon footprints and driving down energy costs.

A leading supplier to the solar distribution market, BayWa r.e. is a preferred partner for thousands of installers. We also have a rapidly growing energy trading business and supply tens of thousands of customers.

Every day we are working hard to find new solutions, push technological boundaries, redefine service standards and actively shape the future of energy and taking a stand against climate change.

We are part of the BayWa Group, a business with revenues of EUR17.1 billion. For over 90 years, BayWa has been providing market leading global solutions within agriculture, energy and building services.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is at the heart of our identity. 

Since 1998 when the BayWa Stiftung institution was founded, we have launched and supported sustainable educational projects internationally, with particular focus on nutrition and renewable energy. 

“Smart Biogas Network” is one of the most important projects: launched in collaboration with the University of Hohenheim, it aims to guarantee a sustainable energy supply in Tanzania. Find out more

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Across solar, wind and bioenergy at BayWa r.e we r.e.think energy – how it is produced, stored and best used. We are a leading global developer, service supplier, distributor and energy solutions provider.

BayWa r.e. Group profile

We are part of the BayWa Group, which was founded in 1923. The BayWa Group is an internationally-operating commercial company listed on the stock exchange with headquarters in Munich, Germany.

We have been providing innovative solutions in agriculture, energy and construction for over 90 years, focusing primarily on markets in Europe, the US and New Zealand. The energy division is the company’s second largest. All activities essential to renewable energy fall under the operational scope of BayWa r.e. 
The fact that we operate on a global scale is a guarantee of specific knowledge and expertise, which means we can meet every clients’ needs.

While BayWa has a long and successful history, the future is looking even brighter. Trust, robustness and innovation remain our core values, just as they were when the company was founded.

BayWa Company Facts

FoundedJanuary 1923
EmployeesApproximately 19,000 (March 2020)
Turnover17.1 billion Euros (2019)
OfficesMore than 3,000 offices in more than 40 countries
Areas of activityAgriculture, energy and building materials
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