Design with Solar-Planit

Configuring your photovoltaic plant has never been simpler.

Configuring your photovoltaic plant with Solar-Planit 

Thanks to our Solar Planit software, you can calculate and achieve the best configuration for installing a photovoltaic plant using our novotegra system – free of charge. The platform enables you to simply and quickly plan the static layout of the system according to Eurocode standards. In particular, it will create a list of the component codes required for installation and calculate the costs of materials estimated for the system design.

The advantages of Solar-Planit

  • You can design the complete system, step by step, in one single tool;
  • It is a completely free platform that you can access at:;
  • You can start designing your plant after quick registration on the platform;
  • The system provides detailed documentation and an archive of your designs; 
  • It creates designs that are safe and in accordance with Eurocode standards and regulations.
RoofEnter roof dimensions
CoveringComplete data on the roof covering
Roof constructionEnter the data on roof construction
LocationChoose your location
Modules and mounting systemChoose the type of module and fastening system
Module configurationPosition the modules and obstacles
3D layoutDisplay a 3D preview
ResultsCreate the list of materials including costs and the calculation of static loads.
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