Pylontech US2000 B Plus 48V battery pack

48V LiFePO4 battery pack for combination with ZCS storage inverter

Your Benefits

  • Modular storage system with 2.4kWh capacity rack;
  • Minimum nominal capacity of 2.4kWh (a single battery module) and maximum nominal capacity of 9.6kWh (4 battery modules);
  • Maximum discharge depth of 90% configurable at the inverter setting stage;
  • 8000 charge and discharge cycles guaranteed with a DOD=70%, and residual capacity at the end of the number of cycles of 70%.

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Product Information

Manufacturer information

Pylontech is a unique company with vertical integration of all technologies needed for ESS (Energy storage system) including cathode material, lithium cell, BMS and system integration. With self developed key technologies and dedication to ESS applications, Pylontech had been pioneering the global ESS market from 2013.

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