Implementing your photovoltaic system

We support you during every stage of the process to ensure the best possible results

Reliable consultancy, quality, effective service and logistics are priority factors.

We do not wish to be seen merely as a wholesaler, but as a partner in the achievement of your business goals. Our services include preliminary planning and pre- and post-sales consultancy.

To ensure you obtain the best performance with a high-quality system it is best to plan the system layout and installation in collaboration with our specialists. We select the ideal components for your needs, ensuring the correct sizing and positioning of the photovoltaic modules. We also consider shading and select each component carefully. We will be happy to help you during the planning stage and support you with our team of specialists.


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Learn more about our Solar-Planit design software

To calculate the optimal configuration of each PV installation with the novotegra system, we provide Solar-Planit software. This program quickly and easily allows you to design the static layout of the system according to the Eurocode standards.

Solar-Planit will create a list of codes of the components required for the installation, and will calculate the estimated costs of materials for the design of the system. Solar-Planit is a web-based platform and is available for free use at


Your benefits

  • Made to measure Structural designs and fastening available for a wide range of roofing types
  • Flexible Many different solutions can be found, depending on the type of photovoltaic module and the type of roofing
  • Adaptable Individual selection of components necessary to cover all requested system variants
  • Structural
    Sizing of the mounting system, with TUV certification
  • Determination of loads according to Eurocode standards For all main European countries
  • Sizing of components Static analysis of the entire system and maximum-load control of each component occurs using our free software
  • Fully-customizable system documentation Customized solutions for constructors, construction sites and project documentation

Our Solar-Planit design software

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novotegra - the perfect solution for any roof

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