novotegra - the perfect solution for any roof

The new novotegra fastening system combines the best of two trade marks: the novotegra locking system and the robust Creotecc insertion system. The mounting and assembly methodology adopted in photovoltaic systems has to be highly effective: The mounting has to firmly fasten the modules and be made using weather-resistant materials and occasionally they may have to bear very heavy loads.

This is why we create our mounting systems in durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel. These elements comply with the Eurocode standards with respect to load capacities; they are extremely robust and resistant, also in the presence of heavy snow and strong winds. We use high quality materials and reliable production methods. With our certification and approval we can ensure that the high-quality characteristics will remain constant for years to come.


  • Made to measure: Structural and fastening designs available for a wide range of roofing types
  • Flexible: Many different solutions can be found, depending on the type of photovoltaic module and the type of roof
  • Adaptable: Components are selected on a case-by-case basis and in relation to the various system requirements
  • Static: Sizing of the mounting system, with TUV certification
  • Determination of loads
    according to
    Eurocode standards:
    For all major European countries
  • Optically attractive visualizations: 3D mounting, sizing and planning of the roof installation
  • Dimensioning of components: Static analysis of the entire system and maximum-load control of each component occurs using our free software
  • Entirely customizable system documentation. Customized solutions for constructors, installation sites and project documentation

Our Solar-Planit planning tool

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Our flat-roof novotegra system is TÜV certified

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Our pitched-roof novotegra system is TÜV certified

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We can provide you with a 10-year product warranty on novotegra systems because:

  • all components are made from durable materials
  • all components are manufactured to fit together perfectly
  • the sizing and design of our mounting systems meets all of the Eurocode rules and standards

Product Overview


novotegra for tile roof with insertion system

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novotegra for tile roof with clamping system

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novotegra for seamed metal with clamping system

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novotegra for flat roofing with an east-west orientation

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novotegra for a southward-facing flat roof

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novotegra for trapezoidal roof with insertion system

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novotegra for trapezoidal roof with clamping system

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Welleternit und Sandwich_Einlegesystem_159x119.jpg

novotegra for corrugated and sandwich roof with insertion system

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Welleternit und Sandwich_Klemmsystem_159x119.jpg

novotegra for corrugated and sandwich roof with clamping system

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Installation layout with Solar-Planit

In order to easily calculate the optimal configuration for each novotegra installation, we provide you with our own Solar-Planit software. This program enables you to quickly and easily design the static layout of your system according to Eurocode standards. Solar-Planit will then put together a parts list of the necessary components and calculate the estimated material costs of the system design. It can also generate a sketch of the system for your use. Solar-Planit is a web-based platform and is available for free use at:

The advantages

  • It's a free system. Just register and log in to the site and you can begin!
  • Monthly Webinars with our novotegra experts, and free participation in our seminars.
  • The online solution allows for a rapid decision-making process and project approval.
  • Project security and safety - online planning that respects Eurocode regulations.
1 SolarPlanit_Dach_159x119.jpg

1. Insert the roof size data

2 SolarPlanit_Eindeckung_159x119.jpg

2. Fill in the data relating to the roof

3 SolarPlanit_Dachkonstruktion_159x119.jpg

3. Enter the roof construction data

4 SolarPlanit_Standort_159x119.jpg

4. Select site data

6 SolarPlanit_Montagesystem_159x119.jpg

5. Select the PV module

7 SolarPlanit_Modulbelegung_159x119.jpg

6. Insert obstacles and modules

8 SolarPlanit_3DAnsicht_159x119.jpg

7. 3D layout

10 SolarPlanit_Ergebnisse_159x119.jpg

8. List of materials